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Well, you"ve asked a question that applies to all our customers, so let"s give an answer here that everyone can see:

Carbon Filters Direct (CFD) relies on a third party shipper to deliver your filter to you, and we are assured that your package will be handled with the utmost care during transportation to your doorstep. But we never can be too sure, can we?

So what can we do? We first ensure that all filters are manufactured with tightly packed carbon, so that absolutely no settling can occur during transit. Then the filter is carefully sealed in a plastic bag and packed into a robust cardboard box.

Also included: Installation Advice Notes
                     A CD with Table of Chemical Absorbencies

So who do we entrust with your shipment? City Link for mainland UK and DHL for all other overseas deliveries.

What do we ask you to do? Please assist us by providing any information which will be helpful to our delivery drivers, some are capable of finding the most remote locations, but others might appreciate a little help....

"If I am out - please leave with "Goods In" at Gate B" is the sort of useful information we want.

Tracking your package
We provide you with a tracking code when we send confirmation that your shipment has left us, so you can go on line and monitor your delivery all the way. It"s really easy these days isn"t it?

Your filter will be dispatched within 7 working days of order processing and will be shipped on a 24/48 hours delivery service

Who is liable to pay Duty and Local Taxes?
The company receiving a shipment from Carbon Filters Direct is legally obliged to pay Duty due on import into their country when it is applicable. The price advertised on our website does not include duty and your local taxes and you will be expected to pay these once the shipment arrives in your country.

How are the charges paid?
DHL will not be able to deliver your goods to you until you have paid the Duty and other charges on your shipment. An administration fee may be added to the Duty DHL has to charge you.

Can I recover the Duty charges from Customs?
Duty and administration costs are not recoverable.