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Value added tax (VAT) is a sales tax levied on the sale of goods and services. In some countries, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, this tax is known as "goods and services tax" or GST. 
A common VAT system is compulsory for member states of the European Union. The EU VAT system is imposed by a series of European Union directives, the most important of which is the Sixth VAT Directive (Directive 77/388/EC). Nevertheless, some member states have negotiated VAT exemption or variable rates for regions or territories.
When you browse the Carbon Filters Direct website the VAT we have to levy will be shown. However when you log in you are provided the opportunity to enter your country:

If you are outside the EU we will not have to charge you VAT.

If you are from within the EU we offer you the opportunity to exempt yourself from VAT for your purchase, by providing us with your VAT number.

If you are unable to provide us with a valid VAT number or you are within the UK we will have to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) with your payment.
Your final invoice amount is shown in your basket and will reflect your logged in status, it will show inclusive VAT when appropriate.
If you have any questions please contact us.


Who is liable to pay Duty and Local Taxes?
The company receiving a shipment from Carbon Filters Direct is legally obliged to pay Duty due on import into their country when it is applicable. The price advertised on our website does not include duty and your local taxes and you will be expected to pay these once the shipment arrives in your country.

How are the charges paid?
DHL will not be able to deliver your goods to you until you have paid the Duty and other charges on your shipment. An administration fee may be added to the Duty DHL has to charge you.

Can I recover the Duty charges from Customs?
Duty and administration costs are not recoverable.